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What to Bring


Consider bringing the following list of items from your home country however be sure to check with the airline before packing to confirm baggage weight & size restrictions:

  • Passport and valid study permit
  • Pictures of home and family (people will be interested and want to learn more about you, your family & where you come from)
  • Small items from home to give as gifts or to show Canadians to help them learn about your country
  • Sports equipment or musical instruments for your hobbies
  • Clothing should include a good winter jacket in case of snow, gloves, boots, swimsuit and casual, everyday clothes
  • T-shirts, shorts and athletic shoes for Physical Education class or sports teams.
  • Camera
  • Copies of medical information and all necessary medicine/prescriptions
  • Spare eyeglasses or contacts (if applicable)
  • Bag for carrying lunch and books to school
  • Good quality dictionary/translator