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CAPS-I is an association of 97 Canadian public school districts/boards that provide educational programs to international students from around the world. The CAPS-I website is a comprehensive resource of information for international students, parents and partner agencies that are interested in learning more about the various opportunities for studying in public schools throughout Canada.


CAPS-I Launches Website in Ukrainian & Turkish

CAPS-I is excited to announce the launch the new versions of the website.  To view them go to:



CAPS-I Launches YouTube Channel Featuring Student Testimonials

Visit CAPS-I’s new YouTube Channel at

The channel features testimonials from 26 international high school students of 16 different countries along with videos of many of CAPS-I school district members.

2014 Summer Camp Opportunities

Many public school districts across the country are offering opportunities for international students to participate in 2-4 week summer camps during July/August 2014.  For more information about these programs, click here